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Compatible with Windows 7 and higher

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Over time, unnecessary data accumulates on your computer, taking up memory space and reducing the performance of your PC. Pcbooster cleans, speeds up and optimises your computer in just a few clicks. Don't wait any longer and download pcbooster now for free!

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Prevent sudden crashes and bluescreens by removing malicious files and programmes.

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Lightning fast

Remove unused files and programmes that take up your disk space and slow down your computer.

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Use the clear dashboard to easily maintain and clean up your PC yourself.

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Protect your data and decide which sensitive information and internet activity should be automatically deleted.

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As fast as day one

Programmes are slow to open, there are repeated crashes and there is a lack of storage space: a slow PC is not only annoying, it also costs time. Therefore, give your PC a boost and get rid of unnecessary files and programmes.

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Clean up temporary files

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Empty Trash

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Clean up Autostart entries

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Clean up downloads

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Accelerate system start-up

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Delete Cookies (Chrome & Edge)

Download pcbooster for free to surf the internet faster and work more productively.

Compatible with Windows 7 and higher

By clicking the button, you accept PC Booster end user license and privacy policyof this site.

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No waiting times

Don't wait any longer: with pcbooster you can speed up your computer in no time at all. Download and install now for free!

Work more efficiently

Thanks to pcbooster, your programmes open quickly and reliably. Computer crashes and frozen windows are a thing of the past.

No software knowledge necessary

You don't have to be a technology expert to use pcbooster. The clear dashboard makes it easy and quick to use.

Secure your computer

Malicious files and programmes quickly accumulate on your computer. pcbooster finds them and deletes them safely from your system.

Lightning-fast surfing

Pcbooster cleans your computer from data junk so that you can surf the Internet quickly and safely.

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